Who are we?

An American initiative, keeping Americans safe from the COVID-19 pandemic.

MyMasks brings you an exquisite selection of colors and designs to suit your taste and preferences. The CDC has recommended the use of protective wear such as cloth masks to prevent new infections. The national government is working around the clock for the continued availability of the necessary safety equipment, but the increasing demand for the commodities has made the task a daunting one.

As a company, we seek to play an active role in keeping each American safe by availing the necessary equipment. With supplies strained and an ongoing shortage, making the balance between supply and demand a tricky proposition, there’s a need for corporates and new players to step up. It is with this goal in mind that we seek to tip the balance in America’s favor.

Our Identity

With our designs proudly produced in the USA by a certified women owned facility, we are an American initiative that seeks to bring a balance of safety and style to the general population. MyMasks uses top-notch technology in the manufacture of our antimicrobial face and gaiter masks. As a community body, we’ll nurture partnerships with small businesses, entrepreneurs and vulnerable members of society at this tough time. With companies and many private-owned establishments closed, everyone feels the impact at some level.

In the fight against the pandemic, we provide affordable protective wear for all. Our online store avails all manner of colors and designs to prospective customers at pocket-friendly prices. MyMasks handles retail orders. Predictably, products ordered in bulk attract discounts. With us, you stay safe and stand out when donning our pet, cartoon, kids, abstract, gaming, or other colorful design templates from our vast collection.

Our Pillars

With guiding principles, the path is always clearer. As a company, these are our pillars.

Protection. Safety first. All our products adhere to CDC safety guidelines. Set laws ensure that the general public stays safe from new infections while working on a winning formula against the pandemic. Our cloth masks ensure that you and those around you stay safe.

Style. Our designers bring you colorful and stylish designs. On our page, you find an impressive array of categories, with each template appropriately grouped for the best shopping experience. Our friendly customer service personnel is always on standby for all your inquiries.

Giving back to society. MyMasks doesn’t seek to play a part, but to have a tangible impact in the fight against COVID-19. As an American brand, we partner with small businesses and women groups in a bid to foster growth and assist vulnerable members of society, as well as upcoming establishments.

Join Our Family

As a nation, our collective effort guarantees victory, and with unity, we’ll win.


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